Whether it’s our products, packaging or people, we are committed to make sure our entire business is as socially and environmentally-responsible as possible.


Everything we do has an impact on our planet and the people who inhabit it. We know that our industry business comes at a huge environmental and social cost. Over time, we are unraveling the complex issues — studying and learning every day to do better. Our mindset is to keep probing, analyzing and challenging ourselves. This is a journey, not a destination.

We celebrate individuality, quality, and authenticity.

But in order to be genuine, we need to be responsible. We need to hold ourselves accountable. It is a daily work-in-progress to ensure that everything we do contributes towards a more people and planet-friendly future.



Examining our sustainability issues and measuring our impact so that we can reduce it.


Choosing conscious materials and designing products that last.


Working alongside business partners who think alike when it comes to sustainability.


Creating clear policies and procedures that build a culture geared towards sustainability.

Our progress

We are consistently making progress in our efforts to adopt alternative materials, such as recycled and organic fibers, that are more environmentally friendly. In line with this commitment, our Europe region has obtained certifications under the GRS and GOTS standards.


Our objective is to minimize waste generation by recycling and reusing plastics at our production facilities.
To achieve our goal of reducing freshwater consumption, we employ innovative technologies, make simple modifications to our processes, and promote behavioral changes. 


We will improve water usage efficiency in our factories located in areas at high risk of water scarcity.

Our intention is to disclose the verified greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint of the entire Triumph value chain.


We’ll guarantee that more than 60% of our new collections are made from recycled, organic and Lenzing fibers.

we are

We still have some way to go on our journey to become as planet-friendly as possible. But we are starting with our key pillars of planet, products and people.



We’re setting up reuse and recycle programmes in selected EU stores. We’re looking to extend our programme into nearly all of our European stores and potentially across Asia too.
We are transitioning to using recycled hangers and also reusing the existing ones whenever possible.



We’ve taken stock of all the materials we use and will be replacing any that aren’t planet-friendly with more responsible alternatives, including organic cotton and recycled fibers.



We’re making progress to eliminate single-use plastic: replacing with recycled LDPE polybags, recycled hangers, and FSC/PEFC certified paper across our online and offline businesses.
We are also working on our product equipment to expand the use of recycled materials and certified sources.



Each of the factories we work with, whether owned by us or our supply chain partners, must provide fair pay and decent working hours in compliance with the law in addition to the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative Code of Conduct.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions

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