We’re committed to making the world a place that is considerate of everyone’s needs. This means doing everything we can to become more planet-friendly. The first step is reviewing where we’re at right now, by measuring:

Our greenhouse gas emissions from the global value chain.

Importance of water risk management in our supply chain.

Effective control of hazardous chemicals in our products and processes.

Our Achievements

We have created an environmental materiality matrix to identify key issues that are significant for Triumph.
Our journey to account for greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption across our value chain has begun. We are actively working on standardizing data sources and establishing a robust monitoring process.

What’s happening now?

We’re calculating our greenhouse gas emissions within our own operations and throughout our entire supply chain and adopting GHG emission accounting system based on GHG protocol.

We’re keen to enhance traceability and accountability by extending environmental monitoring to core fabric suppliers within our supply chain.

What’s next?

We aim to set targets and start acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and explore opportunities to enhance the adoption of renewable energy in our supply chain.

We intend to implement MRSL into our entire supply chain.


We follow the environmental 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) whenever possible in our own facilities as well as in our supply chain.

Reduce – cut down the resources used

Reuse – use the same resources again

Recycle – use the resources itself as resources

Our Achievements

We’ve completely eliminated our use of plastic blister boxes.

We collected our hangers in 8 European countries for re-usage or recycling purposes.

What’s happening now?

We’re working to eliminate single-use plastic from our packaging and product equipment. We’re also collecting and reusing hangers in more European countries.

What’s next?

We have a plan in place to reduce material usage in our packaging across the board.

We intend to implement the reuse of plastic thread cones at our factory in Vietnam, thereby aiming to decrease our reliance on virgin plastic.

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